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Why A Podcast?

I first discovered podcasts a few years ago. At the touch of a button I could access sermons and episodes covering a wide range of topics.  When time and or finances don’t allow me to attend a women’s retreat or conference, I have found that podcasts are the next best thing. I can listen to them while doing my normal, day-to-day responsibilities – times when I’m not engaged in conversation with my family and my mind is idle. I love listening to episodes like “How the Gospel Affects My Marriage” while getting ready in the morning or “Reaching the Heart of Your Children” after my kiddos have jumped out of the van at school . Often a podcast has been what Proverbs describes as, “A word spoken in due season.”  

 Do I have to have an iPhone?

Podcasts are not solely available on iPhones, but can be listened to through the podcast website or podcast apps available through your phone provider.  

Do I have to pay for the podcast?  

The podcast is available for the listener for free.

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